What is Working at Heights? – is it for me?

Hi, My name is Zack and I work for Ericsson, a telecommunications company. The world wants to know “what is working at heights?”. In this article I am going to cover what it takes to work at heights in the telecommunications industry and how someone might get a job with a promising career path that could intrigue anyone.

Climbing For Money

When you think “what is working at heights?” you can break it down. Basically when you are working you want to make money, as much money as you can, and when you are at heights you have to climb to get there! To be honest the views are amazing, I work out of the pacific northwest and I get to see some of the best views in the world from 200 Feet up a tower already on top of a mountain. It is a unique perspective and there’s not quite anything like it in day to day life. Working from heights in my opinion is getting to have an office in the sky. If you’re interested I can tell you this could end up being the best decision of your life don’t let it slip by, email me for how at zack@climbwithzack.com

Climbing as a Hobby

Upon starting my journey into becoming someone who works from elevations of up to 300 feet I became interested in climbing for fun. I started at a bouldering gym and slowly progressed over about 6 months to doing outdoor sport climbing routes. This hobby supports my career by helping me build the strength and endurance to climb for long periods of time.

I know a lot of people out there who are into outdoor climbing possess the basic skills and experience it takes to work at heights. Why not get paid to do what you love? At Ericsson I have been able to do a lot of climbing, both on the job and off, I get to appreciate my work in a way that barely feels like work at all because I love what I do. If you want to feel the same way about your career let me know by sending me an email at zack@climbwithzack.com so I can help you get started!

Safety First!

Do you have a background in safety? Working on towers is being able to identify hazards and prevent incidents. It is important for anyone working at heights to be trained to keep your crews safe. I am sure you’ve heard of OSHA (Occupational Safety Hazard Association) Anyone working at heights is required to be up to date on current OSHA standards. Ericsson employees at the entry climbing level have all done OSHA10 which means 10 hours worth of OSHA training, if you already have your OSHA card and you think working from heights is for you Ericsson is offering great opportunities.

Tools and Equipment

A lot of what we do here as tower climbers at Ericsson requires basic tool knowledge and if you have some experience in that Ericsson could be interested in offering you a job. There are a lot of jobs with similar skills that might not offer career advancement or be as interesting as working in the clouds. I would recommend finding out what you’re already skilled in and how it can lead to a career opportunity. Click here(insert link to put required referral info) to see if working at heights is an option for you.

Traveling for Work

When my friends and family ask me, what is my job like?, I am excited to explain what I get to do for work because I get to travel! Traveling for work is one of the best opportunities you can get to see the world and meet lots of new people. Ericsson is a global company! we are out there delivering telecommunications services in all major cities around the world and there’s a shortage of people who want to do what we do so set your destination of proffered places to live and Ericsson might just have the opportunity you’re looking for. To get more information about starting your career send me an email zack@climbwithzack.com

Why Not You?

I hope I answered your question about what it means to work at elevation. There are endless opportunities out there right now if you want them. I am not going to lie to you it can be hard work, but its also the most rewarding experience ive ever had. If you have worked on crews, had jobs that involve safety briefs, worked at heights before, worked with similar tools and equipment, or are interested in a career that gives travel options, then leave a comment and I can help you explore your opportunities personally.

Any questions about me or how I can help you get started feel free to email me at zack@climbwithzack.com

Just keep climbing,




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