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Welcome! If you are reading this I bet you enjoy climbing, maybe even love it. I started my climbing career about a year ago and its been the best experience of my professional and recreational life. My goal here is to help you choose a starting path into climbing as a career, show you some amazing climbing spots and scenery around the pacific northwest, and give you some options on where to begin whether you have experience or are new to climbing.


Where you are might not be where you want to be and its important to listen to your gut feelings and do everything in your power to find the change you crave. I worked for a casino for 5 years and as much as I thought I was happy there was always some part of me that was unsatisfied. I got to a point where there was nothing left for me to learn or gain from my job and I felt like I hit a ceiling, so I needed a new path. I dislike school, I am not a believer in the current education system and long hours of studying for years and years to become something I have to do from a desk sounds like “the bad place”. I found Northwest Lineman College and after some research I knew it was for me. Working at heights, Being a team playing, and focusing on safety. Just the combination of physical and mental challenges I needed to regain my sense of accomplishment.



If your here looking to change your life in a big way and I know you are!! Then you came to the right place. I want to help guide people who were just like me before I found my new career. I just went through all the training and starting a fresh job far different from any other job i’ve ever had. I believe I have a uniquely new take on the climbing industry which is hiring at an amazing rate with decent pay. I want to share my experience and answer all the questions and concerns anyone looking to join the industry might have.

I tend to be a natural teacher I am great at understanding a persons’ perspective and answering questions with directness and informative content. Its only natural for me to want to support like-minded individuals and give them an unfiltered source to make a great career choice. I won’t give you the run around or suggest you do something you might not be ready for. Feel free to email me any questions about my journey or yours I am super friendly and eager to help you on your search for a career that fits you. Zack@ClimbWithZack.com



The climbing industry is in great need now more than ever. More technology coming out and a shortage of people who can handle or even know about the great opportunities that come with a career of working at heights. There are endless career paths in my line of work and the safety focus has never been more advanced or more focused. I want to address your concerns and help guide you on the safest way to start working above the rest. Please email me any questions or interests you have and ill share my personal experiences with you. Zack@ClimbWithZack.com

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